Interweaving metaphysical gems into lyrics that can get as grimmey as the West Baltimore streets where they originated, and chanting mantra infused hooks over a wide array of mind stimulating, spirit intriguing, and operatic fueled beasts, makes Atlanta based rap artist Chuck Fraz Da Original a true Mozart of his time. Formerly of the group BFG, (Black Fresh N Grimey) who gained a local buzz on Baltimore radio stations with their single “Jungle Juice”, (2005) Chuck Fraz would soon step out on a solo journey in years to come.

In 1998 Chuck Fraz signed to indie label Wise Dome Records, while a part of the group Goon Squad and nearly secured a deal with the late, legendaryJam Master J at his imprint JMJ RECORDS but failed due to legal issues. In 2003 he went on to CO-star in the straight to DVD hood classic film “Stay On Point”. The Wise Dome family that Chuck Fraz had once called home derailed in 2004 and forced him to focus more on the business side of the music world.
In late 2007, along with former label mates/cousins Meniz B and JGhetto, Chuck Fraz departed from Baltimore and headed to Atlanta, Ga. Immediately Chuck Fraz started to network and build rapports with industry execs as well as artists. Working closely with Leon Lee, (A&R Konvict Music/Choreographer) and, (promoter/road manager/CTE) he would find himself deeper in the game. In 2008 he featured on “Wu South Anthem” featuring Inspectah Deck, Ratchet Rush and NIne which topped the urban charts in Switzerland. In 2010 Chuck Fraz joined forces with hit producer BDon Matthews, (“Kryptonite”) (2007) and began to craft a sound that the world will now have the pleasure of admiring. 

In 2020 he started his own record label (“Primordial Records”) and released the single “Money Money” produced by (“ABO Records”) producer and long time friend Kenny Ripken. In 2020 he has also officially merged (“Primordial Records”) with comrades BDon Matthews indie lable (“GGAlmighty”) and will be releasing the first single from the merging called “Celebration” in late 2020.